Asher Y. Shang

I am a Ph.D. student (2023–) in Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. Before that, I received my B.A. (2023) in Philosophy from Fudan University, China. In 2021–2022, I was a visiting student at the Department of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley

I work mainly in moral and political philosophy. My current interests include the ethics of population, distribution, risk, and uncertainty; philosophical foundations of equality and priority; the nature of reasons for action, rationality, and normativity; political authority, obligation, and legitimacy.

I'm also interested in formal theories of decision and social choice, especially when they intersect with ethics.

I occasionally translate academic and popular philosophy books into Chinese: See Why Some Things Should Not be For Sale (OUP | Chinese), Routledge History of Western Philosophy of Religion (Routledge | forthcoming), and Epistemic Injustice (OUP | in progress).

Currently, I am writing on a prudential version of Parfit's nonidentity problem (ask for a draft), on rational moral decision-making in the face of risk and incommensurability (ask for a draft), on the possibility of being a Paretian egalitarian, and on population axiology with probability discounting. I also have one vague thought about a puzzle of infinite utility. Talk to me about any of these!

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